Intelligent Monitoring for your AWS Infrastructure, Systems and App

Why DevOps professionals love Stackdriver:

Prevent outages with superior automated monitoring and analytics

Stackdriver uses advanced analytical tools to overcome the shortcoming of most monitoring solutions. Stack Scanner helps you prevent downtime and predict issues by:

  • Applying proprietary algorithms to detect performance issues, outliers, trend changes, and outages
  • Predicting when more resource or cluster capacity will be needed

Taken together, these features serve to improve uptime and reduce the incidence of “alert fatigue” in your environment.

“We experience inconsistent behavior within our AWS environment all the time but our options for diagnosing these issues has been really limited–until Stackdriver. It took me about two minutes to configure the service, set up my groups, and get the right alerting policies in place.”
– Matt O’Donnell – Webkite