Intelligent Monitoring for your AWS Infrastructure, Systems and App

Why DevOps professionals love Stackdriver:

Track performance issues back to what changed and who changed it

Stackdriver Event Logging incorporates AWS CloudTrail events and other application changes into a simple, searchable interface, bringing detailed logs of events that occurred within your AWS environment into your Stackdriver Activity Log. With Stackdriver Event Logging you can:

  • Correlate changes that occur in your environment with changes in key metrics
  • View the most recent changes for a given server or cluster
  • Review all of the changes that a given employee made during a period of time
  • Review all firewall changes during a period of time
  • Review all of the changes that occurred before, during and after an incident or outage

Available as part of Stackdriver Elite, Event Logging is included in our 14-day free trial

“We experience inconsistent behavior within our AWS environment all the time but our options for diagnosing these issues has been really limited–until Stackdriver. It took me about two minutes to configure the service, set up my groups, and get the right alerting policies in place.”
– Matt O’Donnell – Webkite