When it Comes to Cloud Monitoring, We Make it Rain

I very quickly learned early in my career that going through the corporate structure was not best suited for me. The same mundane day-to-day activities get boring quick; I needed stimulation, excitement, and energy in an environment where I could gain a lot of experience as well as advance my career. I was lucky enough to work at a mobile payment start-up for 6 months, which further confirmed my belief that going corporate was not the route for me.

Through my past experiences, I have learned that the most important part of a startup is the team. If one does not buy into the team, how can one expect the world to buy into their product offering. Initially when I met Dan and Izzy, I was sold on them right away. Both are industry experts with a clear passion to fill a gap in today’s cloud industry. Combining their expertise with my passion for technology, I knew that Stackdriver would be a good fit for me.

I am very excited to now be a member of the Stackdriver team, and I look forward to making life easier for the DevOps community! Being at a start-up that fills a need in the IT space is an experience like no other; always having work to do is never a bad thing! In those rare cases that there is no work for a ten minute span, one could spend that time shooting their co-workers with Nerf Guns instead!

If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact me via email or on LinkedIn.

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