Water Cooler in the Cloud

I think it is really important to love what you do at work.  Here are a few reasons behind why I love being a Customer Advocate at Stackdriver.

checkmark  Brilliant minds around the water cooler

water-cooler-STACKDRIVERI am a bit of a chatty Cathy, and I love to learn, so the opportunity to hang out at the water cooler with the talented team at Stackdriver is awesome!!!!  As a new team member, I have a lot of questions and the team has been extremely generous with providing the information I need to support our customers. Diving into the architecture behind Stackdriver, Jeremy gave me a great first lesson on the whiteboard and provided a great book (Web Operations) for furthering my understanding, which has been surprisingly hard to put down.  Bobcat has been instrumental in understanding our customers needs and the art of Nerf wars.  I am thankful for Google, since most conversations lead to further homework.

checkmark Innovation

As I learned about the origins, focus, and future of Stackdriver, I got more and more excited! Having worked closely with designers, developers, and clients for the last several years, I have seen how the cloud is changing roles and processes.  I wanted an opportunity to be a part of a company that was driving innovation, Stackdriver is not only providing monitoring but using analytics to deliver insights that will improve profit, productivity and allow our customers to spend their nights and weekends doing what they enjoy best, whether that is sleeping, gaming, gourmet cooking, watching tv or creating their next project.

checkmark  Direct impact on customer experience

lovewhatyoudoAs a Customer Advocate, I communicate with our customers to provide solutions for smooth setup and day-to-day implementation of the Stackdriver app with their environment.  I love being the advocate for the customer, and at Stackdriver the team makes it very easy because the entire team understands the viewpoint of the customer and is driven to deliver successful solutions.  In addition to working directly with our customers, I am very excited to work with the Customer Advocate team on continuously improving the resources available to our customers to improve the experience of setting up and utilizing their Stackdriver account.

checkmark  Challenging and Fun

“If I am not growing, I am dying”  Being a part of the Stackdriver team is providing me the opportunity to grow my knowledge and experience in a fast paced Startup environment. Prior to starting at Stackdriver, I set up an AWS instance to explore the Stackdriver App. It was my first experience setting up an AWS instance, and as you can imagine the experience had its share of challenges! However, I learned a lot through the exercise, and I am eager to expand my comprehension of best practices and utilization of Stackdriver during setup and day-to-day operation. Stackdriver customers are running the systems that make our modern day world run, supporting the engineers behind those systems is a challenging and fun job! In addition, the collaborative and adventurous nature of the office ensures that each day will be filled with FUN and learning!

If I can help you with setting up or using Stackdriver, please let me know 🙂


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