Using IFTTT with Stackdriver Alerts

IFTTT opens up a world of possibilities for easily connecting one system to another — without writing code. IFTTT gives you the capability to trigger actions on other systems, such as Google Drive, Twitter, or Belkin’s WeMo line of IoT products. For example, you could set up a light to flash in your company’s office when there’s an incident. You could also add row in a Google Drive spreadsheet each time a certain alert policy is violated.

In addition to alerting your team via Stackdriver’s built in notifications like Slack channels or PagerDuty, you can use Stackdriver’s webhook alert channel to trigger any IFTTT recipe based on a Stackdriver alert.

First, “connect” an IFTTT Maker channel:


Next, find your IFTTT Maker channel key:


You can now add a new Stackdriver webhook notification using the following URL. You can change stackdriver_alert in the URL to create multiple triggers:<your IFTTT Maker key>

You can now use the IFTTT Maker channel as a trigger for any IFTTT recipe.


Now you’re ready to create an alerting policy with your IFTTT webhook as an alert channel. First configure one or more alerting conditions:


Next, scroll down and add a notification of type Webhook. Then select the IFTTT webhook configured. Don’t forget to name and save your alert policy.


With Stackdriver and IFTTT, you can trigger arbitrary actions in other applications or even in the real world.

Sign up for Stackdriver’s free trial to try it now. If you’re already a Stackdriver user, explore possible recipes at IFTTT.


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