The Top DevOps Influencers and Blogs to Follow

As it becomes a more widely adopted concept among businesses, DevOps is a hot topic across the web. Countless articles, events, and resources exist on the topic, as do a number of influential experts. We’ve decided to aggregate many of these resources and names for you DevOps professionals — we hope you find them helpful as the field evolves and you expand your skills.

Below are some of the top influencers in DevOps, discovered with the help of followerwonk. Follow Stackdriver’s Twitter list of these folks here.

Adrian Cockroft


Twitter: @adrianco


A Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures, Adrian is a Netflix alum and an expert in all things cloud. He’s an avid retweeter and you’ll find a mix of topics on his blog and twitter feed, from cloud conferences to craft beer to new technologies.


John Allspaw


Twitter: @allspaw


John is SVP Tech Operations at Etsy. His blog includes thoughts on systems safety, capacity planning, and web operations and he tweets interesting stuff from around the web on these topics.


Joe McKendrick


Twitter: @joemckendrick

Blog: Contributes to Forbes

Joe is an analyst and contributor at CBS interactive and Forbes. He writes about cloud computing and IT and tweets often about these topics.

Sean Hull


Twitter: @hullsean


Sean is one of the most followed influencers on this list. He blogs often, offering sound advice on a range of cloud, DevOps and tech topics.


Gene Kim


Twitter: @RealGeneKim


Gene is a self-proclaimed DevOps enthusiast, and a top expert in our eyes. His blog Twitter feed is chock-full of quotes and info relating to DevOps.


Andrew Hay


Twitter: @andrewsmhay


Andrew is a security professional, author and cloud expert. Follow his blog and Twitter feed for plenty of cloud and DevOps goodies.


Mark R. Hinkle


Twitter: @mrhinkle


Mark is the Senior Director of Open Source Solutions at Citrix. He tweets and blogs about Open Source, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Systems Management.


Damon Edwards


Twitter: @damonedwards


Damon is the co-founder of DTO Solutions, a frequent conference speaker and a contributor to the blog. He focuses on DevOps and operational process topics for software-as-a-service, e-commerce, and cloud businesses.


Marten Mickos


Twitter: @MartenMickos


Marten is the CEO of Eucalyptus and former CEO of MySQL. Read his blog and twitter feed for his thoughts on cloud, AWS, DevOps, software and more.


Stephen Nelson-Smith


Twitter: @Lordcope

Stephen is the co-founder of Atalanta Systems, a seasoned UNIX and Linux system administrator, and has a background in Enterprise Hosting.


Kevin Behr


Twitter: @KevinBehr


Kevin is the Chief Science Officer at Praxis Flow. His blog is not entirely up to date but you can find some interesting tidbits about DevOps, infrastructure, data and cloud in his Twitter feed.

Julian Simpson


Twitter: @builddoctor


Julian, aka the Build Doctor, works for Neo Technology and is an expert in DevOps, Unix & Linux SysAdmin. While he only blogs once every couple months, you’ll find useful (and humorous) stuff on his Twitter feed on all things cloud and DevOps.


Xavier Amatriain


Twitter: @xamat


Xavier is a director at Netflix who tweets and blogs about recommender systems, machine learning, software, data and more. His blog, while rather quiet right now, includes some thought-provoking posts from the past.


Elisabeth Hendrickson


Twitter: @testobsessed


Elisabeth is an author and consultant working on Cloudfoundry.  She tweets and blogs about test automation, Exploratory testing, and Agile development.

Dominica DeGrandis


Twitter: @dominicad


Dominica teaches Kanban to DevOps enthusiasts, meaning she uses Kanban boards – visual process management systems – to integrate the flow of work from Dev to IT Operations. Her blog includes thoughtful learnings from training classes she teaches as well as takeaways from books she reads and events or talks she attends.

Alison Gianotto


Twitter: @snipeyhead


Alison is currently the CTO/CSO of a business innovation agency in NYC and has a huge online following. She gives an entertaining warning about following her on Twitter, as her feed is not always industry related and often NSFW, but she does put out a lot of great content about DevOps, software, web dev and tech in general.

Liz Keogh


Twitter: @lunivore


Liz is a Lean / Agile consultant who blogs and tweets about everything from continuous delivery to BDD to poetry.

Jabe Bloom


Twitter: @cyetain


Jabe tweets and blogs about innovation and process management, lean UX and development, and a range of things under the tech umbrella aimed at solving “strange problems.”

Sascha Bates


Twitter: @sascha_d


Sascha is a consultant for Chef. Her blog has some thoughtful posts on topics including Ruby, women in tech, DevOps and more, and her Twitter feed is full of humorous quips about these topics.

Mandi Walls


Twitter: @lnxchk


Mandi is a Technical Practice Manager at Opscode with a ton of past experience in Ops, Sysadmin, and software engineering. She tweets about DevOps, sysadmin, development and other general tech topics.

Jez Humble


Twitter: @jezhumble


Jez is a principal at Thoughtworks and co-author of Continuous Delivery and Lean Enterprise. He tweets and blogs about continuous deliver, DevOps, software, innovation, and social & economic justice.

Esther Derby


Twitter: @estherderby


Esther is a consultant passionate about designing organizations to succeed by influencing work environment and organizational dynamics. She tweets and blogs about Agile development, programming, systems, and of organizational structures.

Andrew Clay Shafer

Andrew C

Twitter: @littleidea


Andrew is the co-founder of Puppet Labs and  has worked on other startups include Cloudscaling. He tweets about DevOps, startups, programing and more — and has some humorous one-line tweets that make his feed entertaining.

George Spafford


Twitter: @gspaff

Blog: Gartner –

George is a Research Director at Gartner who tweets and blogs about IT & quality management, human error and governance.

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler

Twitter: @martinfowler


Martin is an engineer at ThoughtWorks. His blog and Twitter contain content about software development, which primarily focuses on software design and agile methods.

Patrick Debois


Twitter: @patrickdebois


Patrick is a Java/Unix web consultant with a penchant for all things Star Wars and jedis. He tweets and blogs about infrastructure, web programming, DevOps, open source and more. Many credit Patrick for championing the term “DevOps”, as he brought the first DevOps Days conference to a reality.

Courtney Nash


Twitter: @courtneynash

Blog: O’Reilly contributor –

Courtney is the Velocity Conference Co-chair and Editor at O’Reilly Media. She has a background in neuroscience and manages all O’Reilly content related to web performance and operations.

Adam Jacob


Twitter: @adamhjk

Blog: Chef blog –

Adam is the Chief Dev Officer for Chef. His Twitter feed is full of interesting stuff about DevOps, open source, and infrastructure and more.

John Willis 


Twitter: @botchagalupe


John is the VP of Customer Enablement at Stateless Networks.  He tweets about monitoring, DevOps, networking, PaaS, and other cloud-related topics.

Chris Read

ChrisReadTwitterPicTwitter: @cread


Chris works at DRW where he helps developers and operations deliver more value faster. His tweets cover topics from web development to DevOps to software.

James Turnbull

JamesTurnbullTwitter: @kartar


James is the VP of Services at Docker and an author of six technical books. He tweets about Ruby, security, DevOps and all things tech.

Gareth Rushgrove


Twitter: @garethr


Gareth is a Technical Architect working at Gov.UK. He tweets and blogs about sysadmin, general web, programming and technology. He’s also the curator of Devops Weekly.

Matthias Marschall

MatthiasMTwitter: @mmarschall


Matthias is the CTO for helpster. He blogs and tweets about Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure Automation, and all things Devops.

John E. Vincent

LusisTwitter: @Lusis


John works at Dell. He tweets and blogs about DevOps, cloud, Ruby, Python and Agile Infrastructure.

*Bonus!* DevOps Reactions

Just for fun, you should follow @DevOpsReactions for some hilarious gifs that encompass daily DevOps frustr

ations. DOUBLE bonus: follow the always humorous @Devops_Borat for some additional chuckles.


DevOps Blogs & Websites

Here are some great DevOps-focused blogs and sites to add to your list.

DevOps Zone
The DevOps Zone is a very active blog presented by Puppet Labs and New Relic that tackles some key DevOps issues and challenges.

DevOps Angle
From the site that hosts Silicon Angle, Cloud Angle, and other various “Angle” blogs is DevOps Angle, covering news, opinions, interviews and more on DevOps and cloud topics.

The blog from the DevOps Guys is packed with helpful tutorials, interesting content and opinions on all things DevOps.

The Lone Sysadmin
The Lone Sysadmin is a blog by Bob Plankers, discussing all types of technology, system administration, virtualization, how it all relates to people, and other interesting things he finds along the way.

Netflix Tech Blog
Netflix’s tech blog is full of interesting tidbits on how their engineering team operates, tools they use, their architecture, AWS, and more.

DevOps Best Practice Series on IBM developerworks
Bob Aiello’s series dives into topics including DevOps and reliability, DevOps and security, DevOps and ITIL, and DevOps & the ALM.

DevOps Conferences
While not a blog per se, this is a great resource for any DevOps pro looking to attend some great conferences across the globe.

What DevOps resources or influencers did I miss? Let me know in the comments! 

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