How Culture Has Helped Us Hire 

Team outings are a big part of Stackdriver's culture

Lots of companies from startups like Hubspot to mature companies like Google focus on culture. This culture focus seems to create a unique identity while helping align their teams. With that in mind, culture has been a major focus for our team from day 1 as well.  Our culture starts with our core values – […]

Water Cooler in the Cloud 

I think it is really important to love what you do at work.  Here are a few reasons behind why I love being a Customer Advocate at Stackdriver.   Brilliant minds around the water cooler I am a bit of a chatty Cathy, and I love to learn, so the opportunity to hang out at the […]

An exciting new challenge 

Stackdriver welcomes Charles Radiguet

When it came the time for me to find a company for my co-op within my studies at Northeastern University, I had two certainties. The first one was that I wanted to work in a fast-paced industry that would give me the opportunity to challenge myself every day. The second one was that I wanted […]

The Joys of Startup Marketing 

New Stackdriver marketing pro Daniel Ruby

Throughout my career, two things have become abundantly clear to me: one, I love learning new things and getting my hands all over the nitty-gritty marketing tasks; and two, nothing is more important than working with a tremendous team. Because of this, I’m thrilled to join Stackdriver as Demand Generation Manager. Here I can roll up my sleeves, get the word out about how cloud monitoring can be intelligent, and work with some phenomenal people.

Starting with the right foundation 

Members of our team have engineered enterprise products, managed SaaS applications in the cloud, managed large IT environments, and even built cloud infrastructure. I have already seen the diversity of our perspectives creating a lot of debate over the best way to tackle hard problems, and I think our customers will benefit from the output.