These Data Centers are at the Center of the Cloud 

Microsoft Quincy Data Center

You can access a larger version here. People thought that our previous post on this topic was helpful, so we wanted to provide some more insight. We have been looking into the physical side of the cloud– the data centers that Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others use to host the infrastructure that powers our applications. […]

Cassandra Performance Benchmark: AWS, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace Cloud 

Cassandra price-to-performance comparison - Amazon Web Services (AWS) vs Google Compute Engine vs Rackspace

We created a benchmark to measure the price vs performance of public cloud providers using Apache Cassandra. By utilizing Cassandra, we are able to demonstrate how a real-world distributed application performs in each cloud provider’s environment. The workload we ran against each Cassandra cluster was primarily focused on testing CPU and network. Other workloads, such […]

The top five cloud stories for the week of Dec 13 

This week in the cloud: Microsoft calls in the cavalry to push Azure worldwide, Google’s largest Asian data center in Taiwan to boost cloud sector, an overview of the public cloud regions available,  AWS perks seen by James Hamilton and the 2014 cloud forecast. Microsoft calls in the cavalry to push Azure worldwide – GigaOM Microsoft […]

Overview of Public Cloud Regions 

I frequently find myself Googling around to try to figure out which public providers have facilities in a particular region. I finally created a document to keep track. I’ll share it here in the hope that it is helpful to others.

The top five cloud stories for the week of October 11 

This week in the cloud: IBM focuses on SoftLayer for its cloud infrastructure, the battle between OpenStack and AWS, Microsoft builds an Azure Cloud for the government, Dome9 makes it easier to understand AWS Security, AWS launches AWS Activate.   IBM says it’s tapping SoftLayer for more of its cloud biz – GigaOM The Big […]

The top five cloud stories for the week of September 13 

This week in the cloud: Rackspace hires a new Chief Customer Officer, Dropbox further promotes its business angle, Microsoft targets scientists with Windows Azure research, how Steve Jobs helped to invent cloud computing and how to detect noisy neighbors in your cloud environment.   Rackspace Appoints Chief Customer Officer to Grow International Presence – The […]

The top five cloud stories for the week of August 30 

This week in the cloud, Rackspace expands its regions, the leadership of Amazon Web Services, how to avoid failures when an AWS outage occurs, Google Cloud’s new feature, and AWS’ contract with the government. Rackspace Hybrid Cloud Expands Regions, Counters Amazon Web Services – Talkin Cloud Rackspace now counts five global regions: Dallas, Chicago, Northern […]

The top five cloud stories for the week of August 23 

This week, Rackspace goes after VMware, the cloud computing market forecast for 2016, the advantages of public cloud compared to private cloud, cloud scalability on AWS and our new SMS policy notifications. Rackspace now another option for moving VMware workloads – ZDNet Although it could lose customers due to its no-vendor lock in policy, Rackspace […]

Using Amazon EC2 IDs Instead of Names 

When working with cloud resources, it’s often useful to know the Amazon EC2 ID of the resource instead of using a name. This is especially true when tying data together into multiple systems and connect between them. Using Amazon EC2 IDs can be useful when tying data into into multiple systems and connecting between them. This guide will show […]

Top 5 Cloud News Stories This Week 

This week in the news – Stackdriver prepare for public release, mixed views on OpenStack, muti-cloud use growing and Rackspace add cloud monitoring.