3 of the Most Important Agent-Driven Metrics to Monitor 

Amazon Web Services enables companies of all shapes, sizes and industries to quickly deploy and scale web-­based applications and sites. In order to succeed, visibility into your AWS infrastructure is key -­ you need to know what to monitor in order to stay on top of performance issues that may arise in your cloud stack. […]

Stackdriver adds process monitoring to Intelligent Monitoring 

Stackdriver adds process monitoring to its full-stack intelligent monitoring

Vote on Hacker News We’re very excited today to announce process monitoring, bringing the processes running on your instances into your Stackdriver monitoring dashboard and further increasing your visibility into your public cloud application stack. Often, the best way to know that a system is working as designed is by looking at a high level […]

Improvements in Endpoint Monitoring 

Since we launched our endpoint monitoring functionality last year at re:Invent, customers have set up a lot of checks for their instances and load balancers. On top of the initial functionality that we launched with, we have added a number of new features to the endpoint checking over the past several months to help make […]

Announcing the New Stackdriver Alerting System 

Now set multi-condition alerts with Stackdriver AWS monitoring

When the pager goes off at 3am it’s never a good night. Even worse — a false alarm to ruin a good night’s sleep. You login to the server to find the CPU load is high due to a backup run, and the site is loading just fine otherwise. There were plenty of other servers […]

Announcing Policy-Driven Automation 

Available to All Stackdriver Pro Customers who Sign up by December 31st, 2013 At Stackdriver, we focus on helping DevOps identify, diagnose, and address performance issues as quickly as possible. Alerting policies play an important role in this process.  Stackdriver customers rely on our system to notify them when issues occur in their environments.  Typically, […]

Announcing Endpoint Monitoring 

Available to All Stackdriver Pro Customers who Sign up by December 31st, 2013 Setting up an effective monitoring solution requires collecting data about the performance and health of your systems on many levels.  You want metrics information about the performance of your instance and also some information about any services such as web servers or […]

Intelligent Monitoring – Bandwidth Utilization 

Predicting resource exhaustion in AWS environments

When it comes to the performance and availability of your instances, available bandwidth is an important metric to keep close tabs on. If the bandwidth utilization of an instance is too high even for a short amount of time, access to the instance will slow significantly and directly impact your customer’s overall experience. As is […]

The top five cloud stories for the week of September 13 

This week in the cloud: Rackspace hires a new Chief Customer Officer, Dropbox further promotes its business angle, Microsoft targets scientists with Windows Azure research, how Steve Jobs helped to invent cloud computing and how to detect noisy neighbors in your cloud environment.   Rackspace Appoints Chief Customer Officer to Grow International Presence – The […]

ElastiCache Support in Stackdriver AWS Monitoring 

Amazon Web Services AWS Logo White

A traditional three-tier web application application typically includes a caching layer to help improve performance by saving expensive queries to your database.  At its most basic level, a caching layer lets you store results of expensive database queries in a fast, in-memory system that allows you to look up those results later with a simple […]

The Value of No Data 

Never trust a quiet instance or server

In a modern SaaS organization, data defines every element of business – how many messages, how long does it take, how much storage are we using, how many instances? But sometimes it’s a lack of data that should pull our attention – cloud instances, like cats and children, are most dangerous when they’re quiet. This […]