These Data Centers are at the Center of the Cloud 

Microsoft Quincy Data Center

You can access a larger version here. People thought that our previous post on this topic was helpful, so we wanted to provide some more insight. We have been looking into the physical side of the cloud– the data centers that Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others use to host the infrastructure that powers our applications. […]

Overview of Public Cloud Regions 

I frequently find myself Googling around to try to figure out which public providers have facilities in a particular region. I finally created a document to keep track. I’ll share it here in the hope that it is helpful to others.

This Week’s Top Cloud News – May 17 

Cloud news this week includes AWS monitoring for OpsWorks, GCE’s general availability, Stackdriver news update, GCE’s competitiveness for 2013 and AWS Parallel Scan support for DynamoDB.

Top Cloud News Stories for the Week of May 10 

1. Debian Linux Will Serve As The Default OS For Google Compute Engine | TechCruch Google have chosen Debian as their default OS for GCE; their new Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. Experts say that their choice is based on the other main options – Red Hat and Ubuntu requiring payment when used, as well as cultural similarities and Debian’s […]

ELB, RDS, and SQS Usage: Higher Than You Think 

Last month, I summarized the adoption of certain AWS services by our beta customers. Feedback on that post was positive, but our sample size was still pretty small (~30). We have have more than doubled the number of customers in the private beta of our SaaS monitoring service over the past month, so I thought that it would be interesting to see if the trends that we identified in the first post continue to hold. They do: ELB, RDS, and SQS usage are all high–over 40%–suggesting that AWS competitors need to support these services to appeal to a broad set of public cloud users.

Top 7 Cloud Stories This Week 

This week saw additional AWS price drops and features, GCE getting reviewed and released, tips on cloud migration and an assessment of the hybrid cloud.

GCE Feels Fast, UI Needs Work 

When Google invited us to take part in the GCE limited preview–which Google promises offers superior performance and consistency–I was excited to see how they stack up relative to AWS. Based on my experience testing our Cassandra Cluster on GCE for the past few weeks, Google seems to be living up to that promise; I found that GCE not only performed faster than AWS equivalent instance sizes, but demonstrated consistent performance over a period of a few weeks — even with instances that lived in different GCE Zones.