DevOps Focus: Matt Trescot, StudyBlue 

Every so often, Stackdriver likes to put the focus on a developer or operations engineer who is doing great things in cloud computing. We pick their brains on what they’re doing that makes their lives easier and, with any luck, readers can leverage the best practices they share with us to make their own lives […]

AWS Super Users Online Meetup Group 

We are excited to host our first online event for our new group, AWS Super Users Online Meetup Group. The event, titled “The Database Debate: Roll Your Own or AWS?” will be held on Wednesday, March 12th at 6pm EDT. See DevOps professionals from FullContact, Edmodo and Stackdriver duke it out, database style, as they […]

My journey from Netflix to Stackdriver 

After a summer of hearing about Stackdriver repeatedly from many of my Netflix co-workers, I decided to finally setup the product against one of my AWS/Netflix OSS-based open source projects. Within minutes, Stackdriver discovered the early stages of a subtle performance issue that would have gone unnoticed without a combination of various other analysis tools.  […]

Intelligent Cloud Monitoring – Anomaly Detection 

At Stackdriver, we go beyond passive monitoring. Our goal is to proactively provide DevOps professionals with insights about your cloud deployments. By highlighting changes in your systems, we can guide you to focus on real problems. Using an analysis technique called “pattern detection,” we scan key metrics of your infrastructure for sharp changes in behavior. […]

Top 5 Cloud News Stories This Week 

This week in the news – Stackdriver prepare for public release, mixed views on OpenStack, muti-cloud use growing and Rackspace add cloud monitoring.

Running Cassandra in AWS 

Stackdriver relies heavily on Cassandra running in AWS to store, analyze, and query across 100+ million data points per day. As we move to the public beta of our hosted monitoring service in the current months, we expect that volume to grow to over 1 billion data points per day. In this presentation (first delivered at the Boston AWS meetup on April 8th, 2013), we highlight our reasons for choosing Cassandra versus other platforms and describe the novel architecture that allows us to tolerate inevitable failures that one would expect running at scale on AWS.

Sharing Stackdriver’s Product with the DevOps Community 

Through my previous internship experiences in the financial services industry, I realized that I didn’t enjoy being stuck in a cubicle focused on a single financial line item. Rather, I wanted to become an active part of an organization that sought to solve real-time problems through an entrepreneurial approach. Not having a technology background, I […]

Fixing the clouds, one server at a time 

I am excited to be part of the Stackdriver team building the infrastructure management products that we have been looking for since we first started running business-critical applications in the cloud. I am excited to make the DevOps job easier and more proactive.