These Data Centers are at the Center of the Cloud 

Microsoft Quincy Data Center

You can access a larger version here. People thought that our previous post on this topic was helpful, so we wanted to provide some more insight. We have been looking into the physical side of the cloud– the data centers that Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others use to host the infrastructure that powers our applications. […]

The top five cloud stories for the week of Dec 13 

This week in the cloud: Microsoft calls in the cavalry to push Azure worldwide, Google’s largest Asian data center in Taiwan to boost cloud sector, an overview of the public cloud regions available,  AWS perks seen by James Hamilton and the 2014 cloud forecast. Microsoft calls in the cavalry to push Azure worldwide – GigaOM Microsoft […]

The top five cloud stories for the week of November 22 

This week in the cloud: Windows Azure gaining 1,000 customers a day, AWS worth $50 billion by 2015, cloud computing beats Moore’s law, AWS re:Invent presentation: DevOps Nirvana, cloud computing in China.     Windows Azure Gaining 1,000 Customers Per Day – Information Week In this article written by Charles Babcock, we learn how Microsoft […]

Interning at Stackdriver 

I first heard of Stackdriver, “a Boston based startup”, when Izzy approached me. He gave me an overview of what they were up to, and I was hooked. Fast forward to now – it’s been a week since I joined and I already feel like I fit it. The team is helpful and fun to work with. I’ve already been assigned work that needs to go out to prod and I’m getting a hang of the system. I know that this is going to be a great summer and I’m looking forward to it.

Last Week’s Top Cloud News Stories 

Last week’s main cloud news stories, including positive numbers on cloud adoption, Microsoft Azure’s release, VMware’s new OpenStack partnership with Canonical and single-click disaster recovery from EC2.