New Features: AWS CloudFront Monitoring, AWS Frankfurt, ELB Tags, and more 

CloudFront Service Dashboard

We have been pretty quiet on the blog lately. Let’s change that. For starters, I will take this opportunity to highlight some recent enhancements to the Stackdriver service, including monitoring for AWS CloudFront, support for the AWS Frankfurt Region, and integration of tags for Elastic Load Balancers. Please check back soon for more news. AWS […]

Stackdriver adds process monitoring to Intelligent Monitoring 

Stackdriver adds process monitoring to its full-stack intelligent monitoring

Vote on Hacker News We’re very excited today to announce process monitoring, bringing the processes running on your instances into your Stackdriver monitoring dashboard and further increasing your visibility into your public cloud application stack. Often, the best way to know that a system is working as designed is by looking at a high level […]

Search in the Cloud: Build Your Own or AWS? [Video Recap] 

Last night, we hosted the second online meetup of the AWS Super Users Online Meetup Group.  This event  featured three great presentations given by experts from AWS, Hudl and GetHuman. Below you’ll find the full video of the event on Youtube as well as the presentations given. Below is Tom Hill’s presentation on Amazon CloudSearch. Here […]

DevOps Focus: Matt Trescot, StudyBlue 

Every so often, Stackdriver likes to put the focus on a developer or operations engineer who is doing great things in cloud computing. We pick their brains on what they’re doing that makes their lives easier and, with any luck, readers can leverage the best practices they share with us to make their own lives […]

Improvements in Endpoint Monitoring 

Since we launched our endpoint monitoring functionality last year at re:Invent, customers have set up a lot of checks for their instances and load balancers. On top of the initial functionality that we launched with, we have added a number of new features to the endpoint checking over the past several months to help make […]

When Eventual Consistency is Really Eventual 

Amazon’s S3 storage services promises extreme durability (11 9s) but only eventual consistency.  Applications must be designed to accommodate this relaxed consistency model.  Because consistency is often achieved within just seconds, it is easy to be lulled into habits that fail when the latency to consistency is much higher.  Can your system handle very high […]

Announcing the New Stackdriver Alerting System 

Now set multi-condition alerts with Stackdriver AWS monitoring

When the pager goes off at 3am it’s never a good night. Even worse — a false alarm to ruin a good night’s sleep. You login to the server to find the CPU load is high due to a backup run, and the site is loading just fine otherwise. There were plenty of other servers […]

Happy 8th Birthday AWS S3 

Happy birthday AWS S3

Eight years ago today, Amazon launched their Simple Storage Service, known affectionately (and officially) as S3. As the first actual Web service offered, the birth of S3 is sort of the birth of Amazon Web Services, and to a degree the birth of the public cloud (although EC2 didn’t launch until August. We’ll wish it […]

Recap: The First AWS Super Users Online Meetup 

Last night, we hosted the first online meetup of the AWS Super Users Online Meetup Group.  This inaugural event, The Database Debate: Roll Your Own or AWS? featured four great presentations given by experts from Edmodo, FullContact and Stackdriver. Below you’ll find the full video of the event on Youtube as well as the four […]

AWS Super Users Online Meetup Group 

We are excited to host our first online event for our new group, AWS Super Users Online Meetup Group. The event, titled “The Database Debate: Roll Your Own or AWS?” will be held on Wednesday, March 12th at 6pm EDT. See DevOps professionals from FullContact, Edmodo and Stackdriver duke it out, database style, as they […]