Enabling/Disabling Maintenance Mode via API 

Stackdriver now allows you to enable and disable Maintenance Mode on resources using the Stackdriver API. See how easy it is and an example of how both Maintenance Mode and API commands are used in day-to-day life in the video below: For more information on setting up your API access or for using Stackdriver to […]

Announcing Endpoint Monitoring 

Available to All Stackdriver Pro Customers who Sign up by December 31st, 2013 Setting up an effective monitoring solution requires collecting data about the performance and health of your systems on many levels.  You want metrics information about the performance of your instance and also some information about any services such as web servers or […]

The top five cloud stories for the week of October 25 

This week in the cloud:  where the world’s top websites are hosted, Facebook tells how its MySQL cluster runs by itself, one day at NYC’s devOps Day with Patrick Eaton, how cloud computing changes business forever, and a startup simplifies small-business payrolls.   Where the world’s top 100,000 websites are hosted (infographic) – VentureBeat Through […]

Amazon Web Services launches mobile push notifications 

Amazon Web Services AWS Logo White

Amazon Web Services reinforces its mobile presence by launching Simple Notification Service (SNS), allowing developers to push and manage notifications to Apple iOS and Android devices from a single API. The real innovation here is the ability to develop push notifications for multiple platforms via one single API. Before Simple Notification Service, push notifications on […]

Sending Aggregated Metrics Using statsd 

Stackdriver Custom Metrics are a great tool to monitor your full application stack. We previously covered easy ways to send them directly to Stackdriver. There are some cases where custom metrics can be limited: they’re currently limited to accept one value per minute, and they simply echo back the values that are sent. Sometimes this […]

Organizing Amazon S3 

One anti-pattern that we have observed during the course of building our intelligent monitoring product has to do with how companies use Amazon S3. S3 is a great product, unmatched in its simplicity, reliability and availability. Amazon claims that customers store over 1 trillion objects in S3, so there’s no overstating the degree to which […]

It Should Just Work 

I believe that usability should be a focus at every level in the stack–whether you are building user interfaces, APIs, or communication protocols. I am excited to join at team that believes the same, and to apply this philosophy to a space that sorely needs it.

What Other Services Fail with EBS? 

Amazon had another outage today which impacted users of EBS in a single availability zone of the us-east-1 region. A number of other services, including RDS, the AWS Console, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudSearch, and ElasticCache, were affected. These simultaneous failures provide interesting insights into dependencies within the services provided by AWS.