Sharing Stackdriver’s Product with the DevOps Community

Through my previous internship experiences in the financial services industry, I realized that I didn’t enjoy being stuck in a cubicle focused on a single financial line item. Rather, I wanted to become an active part of an organization that sought to solve real-time problems through an entrepreneurial approach. Not having a technology background, I decided to venture into the space by looking into joining a local start-up. By joining a technology focused start-up, I would have the ability to be part of a dynamic industry while also learning how to build both a company and a product from the ground level. During my initial meeting with Dan and Izzy, it became evident that Stackdriver’s AWS Application Management Specialist Position was a perfect fit!

During the onboarding process at Stackdriver, I have become very comfortable and acclimated to the open, collegiate culture of the office. Given that much of our time is spent working, I enjoy being able to utilize my creativity and innovation to make an impact. As the Stackdriver team builds a new company and a new product, our team continues to develop a community of diverse-minded individuals that share a passion for making the jobs of our DevOps peers easier and more proactive. This passion resonates through Stackdriver’s product enabling the DevOps community to spend more time building and less time fighting fires.

I am excited to be part of the Stackdriver team! I look forward to sharing Stackdriver’s product with the rest of the DevOps community. I would welcome the opportunity to speak more about Stackdriver and our services. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or via email.

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