Intelligent Monitoring for your AWS Infrastructure, Systems and App

Why DevOps professionals love Stackdriver:

Take AWS monitoring beyond CloudWatch metrics

Stackdriver AWS Insights are built natively for the world’s most popular cloud computing platform. By understanding and integrating with your AWS installation, Stackdriver AWS Insights:

  • Detects host contention, cloud provider throttling, or degraded hardware
  • Incorporates event correlation to enable root cause analysis
  • Identifies cloud optimization opportunities

Use less time setting up and maintaining monitoring

Short on time? No problem! Stackdriver has incredibly simple and quick setup, thanks to our Rapid Discovery. Rapid Discovery lets you spend less time on ops and more time on dev, because it:

  • Integrates with AWS APIs
  • Identifies cloud resources and application services during two-minute setup
  • Maps relationships between key application components
  • Identifies functional groups and clusters

Prevent outages with superior automated monitoring and analytics

Stackdriver uses advanced analytical tools to overcome the shortcoming of most monitoring solutions. Stack Scanner helps you prevent downtime and predict issues by:

  • Applying proprietary algorithms to detect performance issues, outliers, trend changes, and outages
  • Predicting when more resource or cluster capacity will be needed

Taken together, these features serve to improve uptime and reduce the incidence of “alert fatigue” in your environment.

Scale automatically and effortlessly

Stackdriver’s Elastic Monitoring enables your environment to scale automatically, removing much of the pain of growing your environment. Elastic Monitoring makes growth easier by:

  • Discovering autoscaling resources automatically in real-time
  • Auto-updating groups and dashboards for application tiers and clusters
  • Autoscale-aware alerting policies that require no ongoing maintenance

Address performance issues automatically

Alerting policies help identify and diagnose performance issues, but you still need to manually implement fixes, no matter how routine. With policy-driven automation, you can trigger actions off of alerting policies and automatically implement fixes to common problems. For example:

  • Move off of degraded EBS-backed hosts
  • Reboot instances when memory exceeds a certain threshold
  • Add RDS capacity when available capacity goes below a threshold

Available as part of Stackdriver Elite, Automation is included free for anyone who signs up for Stackdriver Pro before the end of 2013

Ensure your web services are accessible to end users

Stackdriver Uptime Monitoring provides endpoint checks to web applications and other HTTP(S) services running on your cloud environment. With endpoint monitoring, you can:

  • Configure uptime checks associated with groups or resources
  • Monitor your instance/load balancer health from outside AWS
  • Send alerts or trigger automation based on uptime checks
  • Monitor your entire stack, from external health through the infrastructure and system levels

Available as part of Stackdriver Elite, Uptime Monitoring is included free for anyone who signs up for Stackdriver Pro before the end of 2013

Track performance issues back to what changed and who changed it

Stackdriver Event Logging incorporates AWS CloudTrail events and other application changes into a simple, searchable interface, bringing detailed logs of events that occurred within your AWS environment into your Stackdriver Activity Log. With Stackdriver Event Logging you can:

  • Correlate changes that occur in your environment with changes in key metrics
  • View the most recent changes for a given server or cluster
  • Review all of the changes that a given employee made during a period of time
  • Review all firewall changes during a period of time
  • Review all of the changes that occurred before, during and after an incident or outage

Available as part of Stackdriver Elite, Event Logging is included for free for anyone who signs up for Stackdriver Pro before the end of 2013

“Stackdriver saves us nearly $15,000 per year in monitoring costs”
– David McCheyne – Sudo