Intelligent Monitoring for your AWS Infrastructure, Systems and App

Why DevOps professionals love Stackdriver:

Address performance issues automatically

Alerting policies help identify and diagnose performance issues, but you still need to manually implement fixes, no matter how routine. With policy-driven automation, you can trigger actions off of alerting policies and automatically implement fixes to common problems. For example:

  • Move off of degraded EBS-backed hosts
  • Reboot instances when memory exceeds a certain threshold
  • Add RDS capacity when available capacity goes below a threshold

Automation is available as part of Stackdriver Elite

“We experience inconsistent behavior within our AWS environment all the time but our options for diagnosing these issues has been really limited–until Stackdriver. It took me about two minutes to configure the service, set up my groups, and get the right alerting policies in place.”
– Matt O’Donnell – Webkite