Starting with the right foundation

I joined Stackdriver because I wanted to join a small start-up that is focused on solving real customer problems with a great team and a culture that is consistent with my own values.

Helping customers

When I first met with Dan and Izzy (Stackdriver’s founders), they spent most of the meeting taking me through the piles of customer feedback (surveys, customer interviews, etc.) that they collected before deciding to focus on providing tools to support providers hosting applications in the cloud.  It was immediately clear that Stackdriver wasn’t a great technology in search of a problem–it was tackling issues that have been identified, honed, and validated by spending time with people that run large-scale applications in the cloud.  I am eager to build tools that will help people achieve the visions of their own projects (and spend far less time worrying about the underlying infrastructure).

Building the right team

We realize that it will be really challenging to deliver infrastructure management solutions that are compelling to the DevOps community.  On one hand, the stakes are high in managing large-scale systems in the cloud, so it is important for management tools to be well-engineered and backed by enterprise-grade support.  On the other hand, the pace of change for cloud-powered applications requires tools that are flexible and adaptable to keep up.  Unfortunately, today’s offerings tend to be either enterprise-grade but unwieldy or flexible but difficult to use, maintain, and support.  To address this tension, we are bringing together a team that marries the enterprise world with the DevOps world.  Members of our team have engineered enterprise products, managed SaaS applications in the cloud, managed large IT environments, and even built cloud infrastructure.  I have already seen the diversity of our perspectives creating a lot of debate over the best way to tackle hard problems, and I think our customers will benefit from the output.

Starting with the right values
As we build a new company and a new product, we are also building a culture–an environment where we want people to do their best work and enjoy the journey.  Our founders were explicit when they started the company that integrity, transparency, customer focus, and flexibility would be paramount in how we approach the business.  I have seen these hold true through my own onboarding process, as we meet with new recruits, and in our early product work.  I am excited to help mold a culture that remains true to a set of core values and see the organization thrive.

I am thrilled to be a part of the team in one of Boston’s newest and most exciting ventures.  Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about engineering at Stackdriver (email, LinkedIn, Twitter)

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