Overview of Public Cloud Regions

I frequently find myself Googling around to try to figure out which public providers have facilities in a particular region.  I finally created a document to keep track.  I’ll share it here in the hope that it is helpful to others. I’ll try to maintain the original document as well.

Provider Continent Region/Sub-region Nearest City Zones/Pods
AWS North America US-East Washington, DC 3
AWS North America US-West San Francisco, CA 3
AWS North America US-West-2 Portland, OR 3
AWS North America GovCloud Washington, DC 2
AWS South America Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil 2
AWS Europe Ireland Dublin, Ireland 3
AWS Asia Singapore Singapore 2
AWS Asia Tokyo Tokyo, Japan 3
AWS Asia Sydney Sydney, Australia 2
Rackspace North America DFW Dallas, Texas 1
Rackspace North America ORD Chicago, IL 1
Rackspace Europe LON London, England 1
Rackspace Asia HKG Hong Kong, China 1
Rackspace Austrailia SYD Sydney, Australia 1
IBM/Softlayer North America Dallas Dallas, Texas 6
IBM/Softlayer North America Houston Houston, Texas 2
IBM/Softlayer North America Seattle Seattle, WA 1
IBM/Softlayer North America Washington Washington, DC 1
IBM/Softlayer North America San Jose San Jose, CA 1
IBM/Softlayer Europe Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands 1
IBM/Softlayer Asia Singapore Singapore 1
Google North America Central US United States 2
Google North America Central US Europe 2
Microsoft Azure North America North-central US Chicago, IL 1
Microsoft Azure North America South-central US San Antonio, TX 1
Microsoft Azure North America West US California 1
Microsoft Azure North America East US Virginia 1
Microsoft Azure Asia East Asia Hong Kong, China 1
Microsoft Azure Asia South East Asia Singapore 1
Microsoft Azure Europe Northern Europe Dublin, Ireland 1
Microsoft Azure Europe West Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands 1

And here is a silly map (because Google Apps makes it easy to create these).  If you like it, I’ll make a better one that highlights the providers:

Public cloud provider regions

Map with dots for public cloud regions. Big dots have more availability zones.

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