Introducing Google Stackdriver: Unified Monitoring and Logging for GCP and AWS

Stackdriver’s goal has always been to reduce the complexity that comes with managing a cloud-hosted application. We’ve been hard at work building new capabilities that take us closer to that goal, and today we’re excited to announce beta availability of Google Stackdriver, a unified monitoring, logging, and diagnostics solution for the hybrid cloud.

Here are some of the improvements you’ll see with the next generation of Stackdriver:


Stackdriver 2.0, powered by Google

Google Stackdriver is built on the same systems that power monitoring and logging for Google’s global infrastructure, so you benefit from unprecedented scale, performance, and resiliency.


A place for multiple clouds

With Google Stackdriver, you can monitor the health of your application whether you’re running on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services or a combination of the two. We’ve made it easy to work with your metrics, logs, uptime checks, alerts, and dashboards from within the same tool.


Monitoring & logging under one roof

With Google Stackdriver, we’re expanding our focus beyond monitoring by introducing integrated log analysis. By installing our package of the fluentd logging agent, you will gain access to comprehensive log management along with charting and alerting on log metrics.


Integrations & services

You can now take advantage of a broader ecosystem of services to extend the value of Stackdriver. For example, you can stream Stackdriver logs to BigQuery to perform ad-hoc analysis. Likewise, you will soon be able to use Cloud Datalab to perform ad-hoc visualization of your monitoring data.


Try Google Stackdriver free during beta

The service is currently in beta. To learn more and try it free during beta, visit


What does this mean for me as an existing Stackdriver customer?

We will work closely with you to migrate to Google Stackdriver when it’s generally available. That includes preparing you for the migration and assisting you as it happens. You can expect to hear from our team in the coming weeks with next steps. You’re also free to try the Google Stackdriver Beta at any time.

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