Interning at Stackdriver

I first heard of Stackdriver, “a Boston based startup”, when Izzy approached me. He gave me an overview of what they were up to, and I was hooked.

Stackdriver was exactly what I was looking for in my Internship. A startup, with a core team of developers, working across the stack. To top it off it clubbed both my interests, Cloud computing and Machine Learning.

The team is looking to build a cloud monitoring tool. The product itself is useful, but there are some real distinctions between it and the competition, one of the big ones being the insight that they wish to provide beyond just monitoring, the insight being where the Machine Learning kicks in.

It’s been a week since I joined and I already feel like I fit it. The team is helpful and fun to work with. I’ve already been assigned work that needs to go out to prod and I’m getting a hang of the system. I know that this is going to be a great summer and I’m looking forward to it.


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