I joined Stackdriver to innovate in the cloud

When the world failed to end as planned in 2012, I thought about where I’d end up and what would be important to me as I evaluated my options.  The factors that I landed on are:

    • The ability to have a direct impact on the success of a company and product is key for me.  Through experience, I recognized that this can be very difficult to find in a large organization, so I focused on start-ups.
    • I love being around smart people who I can learn from and who view life as a learning process themselves.  So I’d want to land somewhere with a really bright and dynamic team–a team that I can both add to and learn from.
  • While it has its ups and downs on any given day, the lifestyle value of working in Downtown Boston is something I wouldn’t trade for anything, so I decided to focus my search there.
  • Innovation

  • Being in a growing industry with a sense of possibility is definitely a plus.  Not just solving a problem that has been done a hundred times before, or rewriting things that were written years ago.  I think the cloud changes things enough that there is a lot of opportunity to innovate.

So when Phil suggested I come by and talk with Stackdriver, it seemed to be a great fit–early stage start-up with a great team in Downtown Boston focused on the cloud!  And when I saw the sense of progress and excitement in the office I was sold that this was the right thing.  So I find myself back on the startup roller coaster.  Wooooooooooooooo!  Feel free to email me or connect with me on LinkedIn if you have any questions about engineering at Stackdriver.

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