Important Changes to Uptime Checks

Starting on Tuesday 2/16/16, Stackdriver’s Uptime Check probes will start sending requests from new source IP addresses.

As part of our continued effort to provide excellent and reliable service, we’re improving hardware and replacing some probe locations. Customers that whitelist our probe source IP addresses for their firewall will need to add the new source IP addresses to their firewall configurations by Tuesday 2/16/16. At that time, we will begin to send requests from the new IP addresses as we test the new system and make the transitions. During the transition, the check results from the new probes will not be reflected in the UI or affect alert conditions until the probe switch is complete. The transition will be completed on Friday 2/19/16. During and after the completion of the changes, there will still be 6 probe testing locations listed in the UI and impacting alert conditions. The current and new source IP addresses are now available from the Stackdriver API.


Key Takeaways:

  • If you don’t permit the probe IP addresses through your firewall, no action is needed. The only noticeable change will be locations in the UI (Texas -> Sao Paulo, Amsterdam -> Belgium).
  • On Tuesday 2/16/16, new probes will begin to send checks
    • If you whitelist the probe source IP addresses for your firewall, please whitelist all the IPs being returned by the Stackdriver API.
    • From 2/16/16 to 2/19/16, there should be 33 IP addresses in your firewall configuration for the Uptime Check system. After 2/19/16, you should reduce the list to the 18 addresses then provided by the API.
  • The transition will be completed on Friday 2/19/16.
  • After Friday 2/19/16, the retiring IP addresses will no longer send check requests.
  • At all times, only 6 probe locations will contribute to a check’s outage determination, alerting policy violation, or appear in the UI.
  • After Friday 2/19/16, the Stackdriver API will start returning the final list of 18 IP addresses.
Old Locations New Locations
Oregon Oregon
US Central (Iowa) Iowa
Texas Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Virginia Virginia
Amsterdam Belgium
Singapore Singapore

Stay tuned for more exciting improvements and additions to the Uptime Monitoring service throughout 2016. As always, all questions and comments are welcomed. Please use the “Send Feedback” link in the app to share your thoughts and feature requests.

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