Getting to Stackdriver


Before landing at Stackdriver, I’d spent a while hacking on all sorts of startup code and infrastructure problems. During this time, my efforts have often been accompanied by a nagging feeling that there must be a better way. For cloud based companies, I’m convinced that Stackdriver embodies this better way.

Growing a web services company isn’t easy in the first place and it often seems to me that the issue is compounded by a lack of quality tools for monitoring infrastructure. Stackdriver is focused on providing tools that free engineers and operations folk from constantly re-inventing the wheel in their quest to keep track of their (often highly dynamic) computational architectures. Having faced many of these challenges, Stackdriver’s purpose was immediately appealing to me.

In addition to the intrinsic appeal of it’s mission, Stackdriver also drew me in for another key reason – it has a great culture. Over the years, I’ve found that it is absolutely essential for my happiness to be working with nice people who can also keep me on my toes intellectually.

In the end, Phil and Dan gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse… The chance to work at a great startup focused on creating a coherent system for gaining insight and better control over the technologies that drive our modern internet economy.

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