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With millions of users and petabytes of data, SmugMug deals with an incredibly large, complex AWS environment. Autoscaling, EC2 instances, ELBs, Dynamo databases, MySQL, CloudSearch, SQS and S3 – that’s why they rely on Stackdriver to provide monitoring and visibility.

“With Stackdriver, it’s like having another member on my team”

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Stackdriver is like another ops team member for SmugMug
See how SmugMug uses Stackdriver monitoring-as-a-service


99designs, as the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace, has a massive amount of usage. Leaning on AWS for hosting affords them scalability and reliability, and by using Stackdriver for cloud monitoring they have the insight necessary to maintain that scalability and reliability.

“Stackdriver’s analytics tools have identified concerning trends, outliers, and anomalies within our clusters that we may not otherwise have discovered
” – Lachlan Donald, CTO

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Cloud environment uptime and performance are important to 99designsCloud environment uptime and performance are important to 99designs

Extreme Reach

With some of the most prominent brands in the world depending on them to power their video advertising, Extreme Reach needs to know their cloud environment is up and running at peak performance. Stackdriver’s monitoring-as-a-service gives them the visibility they need into the entirety of their app stack.

“Stackdriver is the system of record for monitoring the cloud resources that serve our customers.” – Mark Annati, VP of IT

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Cloud environment uptime and performance are important to Extreme Reach

Table XI

With a complex Amazon Web Services environment, a history of excellence and high expectations from their customers, the team at Chicago-based Table XI needs full-picture visibility into their myriad of AWS resources.

“From day one, we were able to pinpoint various problems and minimize downtime” – John Gore, Technical Practice Lead

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Cloud environment visibility across a complex group of resources is necessary to Table XI
See how Table XI uses Stackdriver monitoring-as-a-service

Chopra Center

When it came time to develop a digital meditation platform, The Chopra Center team turned to Stackdriver for the real-time insights needed to see how code deploys affected the entirety of their environment. With Stackdriver, they got a centralized vision of code impact and reduced their development time.

“Stackdriver definitely speeds up development by identifying issues quickly, which is critical when you’re on a tight deadline” – Andras Karastonyi

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Chopra Center saved development time with Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring
Chopra Center saved development time with Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring


As one of the fastest-growing startups in the education tech industry, StudyBlue needs to know their cloud environment can keep up with user demand. By adopting Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring, they have gone from monitoring as an unreliable, unscalable hassle to fantastic, easy insights.

“One of the first wins we had with StackDriver was the ability to identify instances…behaving differently than the others within their same functions” – Matt Trescot

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Visibility across a quickly-scaling AWS environment is important to the StudyBlue team
See how Studyblue uses Stackdriver monitoring-as-a-service


When they first started monitoring their AWS environment, education company Edmodo had plenty of metrics but no actionable insights. After discovering Stackdriver, they now have an incredibly well-instrumented environment with powerful, easy-to-consume and easy-to-set-up insights.

“The more we use (Stackdriver), the more useful it becomes” – Kimo Rosenbaum

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Edmodo monitors their highly complex Amazon Web Services environment with Stackdriver

Stackdriver Customers

TableXI trusts Stackdriver with their AWS monitoring
Exablox monitors their cloud with Stackdriver
The Chopra Center uses Stackdriver for cloud monitoring
Extreme Reach monitors their application stack with Stackdriver
Webkite keeps their cloud clean with Stackdriver
Smugmug keeps their environment up for millions of users with Stackdriver
Edmodo takes advantage of cloud monitoring and intelligence from Stackdriver
Qthru has powerful cloud insight thanks to Stackdriver
99designs takes advantage of cloud monitoring and intelligence from Stackdriver
8KMiles has powerful cloud insight thanks to Stackdriver


Stackdriver partners with experts in the field of cloud computing to help bring our intelligent monitoring-as-a-service to as many DevOps professionals as possible. If you’re interested in being a Stackdriver partner, contact us at


8k Miles

Founded in 2007, 8K Miles is one of the very first AWS partners and one of only 15 Premier Consulting Partners in the world. They provide end-to-end, turnkey Mobility/Big Data solutions for enterprise, small-to-medium sized businesses, and state/local government institutions.

Contact 8K Miles for cloud consulting, solutions and technology.

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Answers for AWS

Answers for AWS is a third-party consulting company focused on helping startups in Silicon Valley be successful on AWS. Founded in 2013, Answers for AWS was created as a vehicle for founder Peter Sankauskas to share his extensive Amazon Web Services experience – Peter spent five years designing, implementing and managing systems that remain performant, highly available and scale during exponential growth.

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One of Brazil’s premiere AWS consulting groups, Cloudster leans heavily on their values while providing excellent advice and implementation for AWS users of all sizes and levels of sophistication.

Contact Cloudster for your AWS consulting needs.

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