Cloudy Days Never Seemed So Good


When I decided I wanted to change careers from being an educator, I knew it would have to be in an environment where people were passionate about what they were doing and where my work ethic was matched with those around me.  I also knew I could not be in a cubicle working alone all day.  Stackdriver was a perfect fit for me. The layout of our office is an open space so we all work together  with rarely a dull moment. The energy here exudes positivity and drive. The working environment is as intense as it is fun.

I chose Stackdriver because I knew the team would support my creativity and independence while pushing me to reach my utmost potential. As I grow and learn new things, I know I will be held accountable to achieve every goal I set for myself and recognized when I do so. Izzy and Dan never hesitate to shine the spotlight on any of our accomplishments and we celebrate as a team…very similar to a family. We take everyone’s well being and the culture of our company very seriously and I know that has played a major role in Stackdriver’s success this far.


In my role as office manager, I am able to utilize my organizational, team building and multi-tasking skills to make sure our office runs smoothly and everyone is happy. Aside from my many administrative duties, I can be found planning our next team outing, stocking our refrigerator with the latest craft beers or getting caught in the crossfire of a nerf war.  Either way I leave work every day being excited to come back the next morning. I look forward to my future at Stackdriver and being part of an amazing team that will continue to grow and enjoy success.

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