The Little Things: Why I Joined Stackdriver 

I have a passion for building great teams.  Building great teams is not easy and most organizations don’t stress the little things enough to make it possible.  While I was interviewing at Stackdriver, I met one of our engineers who told me the story of how he came to be part of the team.  He […]

From Finance to Fantastic – My Journey to Stackdriver 

I didn’t come to Stackdriver in the typical manner an individual joins a tech startup. It was as much by chance, luck, and circumstance as it was by purposeful search. I graduated Northeastern with a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance, and a minor in Mathematics. For the better part of my time in college and […]

Bucking the Trend, Selling the Dream 

I’ve never been a person to follow the trend. While all my friends started their journey for the “golden watch” at companies that looked interesting, I decided to look for the opportunities that would challenge me, motivate me, but most importantly, never be the same as the day before. I guess I started in “sales” […]

My Boston Startup Journey to Stackdriver 

Community, content, creativity: these three things have been my fuel for life since I was young. They’re the reasons I made videos to supplement my class projects; why I loved planning themed celebrations for every occasion; the cause for the enthusiasm I have for art of all forms. My passion for these “three c’s” is […]

From Defense Research Lab to Startup 

It’s been a long journey getting to Stackdriver and coming here is the biggest change I have ever made in my career.  For the past ten years I worked in defense research, most recently at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  Lincoln Labs is an amazing place to do algorithms research, which was my passion coming out of […]

Onward, Upward and Into the Cloud 

I used to find myself asking people how they got into sales, and many would tell me they just fell into it.  In a way, I did too, except in my case the fall was a bit more literal, and there was a net involved.  As a flying trapeze instructor and enthusiast, I realized that […]

From Fortune 500 to Startup 

When I graduated from Northeastern in May 2011, I knew I wanted to begin my professional career at a startup company.  While earning a BSBA marketing and finance dual concentration, I interned at two companies, each housing 35,000+ employees.  Though the experience and job security that both companies offered was unparalleled, it became difficult for […]

Why I Joined Stackdriver 

I’ve been asked several times why I joined Stackdriver.  The real answer is a bit complex, and a little hard to put into words, but it essentially boils down to “what Stackdriver is seems to “really FIT with who I am, and feeds what I hunger for”.  Working at Stackdriver requires the application of the […]

The End of an (Internship) Era 

Something doesn’t seem right as I exit the elevator and walk into office. It’s 2:00pm on a Thursday and at first glance, there is no one in sight. Where is everybody? I realize why when I turn the corner. My hands cover my face as a hail of nerf gun darts zing towards me from […]

Getting to Stackdriver 

Before landing at Stackdriver, I’d spent a while hacking on all sorts of startup code and infrastructure problems. During this time, my efforts have often been accompanied by a nagging feeling that there must be a better way. For cloud based companies, I’m convinced that Stackdriver embodies this better way. Growing a web services company […]