Using Lambda for a Server-less Stackdriver Alerting Webhook 

Stackdriver now supports creating dashboards to understand how your AWS Lambda functions are being used.  These dashboards allow you to see how many times a given function is called, how often it fails, if it’s being throttled and how long the calls take.  

Managing the Missing Model in Angular 

AngularJS Boston Meetup Presentation – April 23, 2014   Angular is a fantastic framework, but many consider its lack of built in support for managing “Data Model(s)” a rather glaring omission. I feel it may actually be a good thing! In this presentation I cover my perspective of what a front-end data model might look […]

Visualizing Public Cloud Data for Ease of Consumption – UX Design Process 

  Vote on Hacker News Stackdriver is designed to take a ton of data from public cloud (and hybrid cloud, now in beta) environments, bring them together in our dashboard, and make it easy to visualize a complex system. Tying together different data sources – the CloudWatch API, our own version of the CollectD system […]