AWS Skills Shortage on the Horizon

At Stackdriver, we are constantly searching for engineers with experience running applications on Amazon Web Services and OpenStack. We only have a few roles to fill in the near term, but finding qualified cloud talent is no small task.  We have 3 external recruiters, postings on 5 different job sites, several career fairs planned–all for three positions.  And we certainly are not alone; recruiting challenges are a prime topic of hallway conversation at local AWS events and meetups.  So how much demand is there for people with experience in the cloud computing space?  Here are a few data points:

From the above data, it would seem as though this labor gap could hastily widen and prove to be the limiting factor in how well the industry matures. This doesn’t bode well for start-ups that are building their applications on top of AWS or OpenStack.  We at Stackdriver are doubling down on our recruiting efforts while also expanding our candidate pool to include those without direct cloud experience (on the assumption that they will learn about AWS, etc. on the job).

How do you plan to address the cloud skills shortage?

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