Organizing Amazon S3 

One anti-pattern that we have observed during the course of building our intelligent monitoring product has to do with how companies use Amazon S3. S3 is a great product, unmatched in its simplicity, reliability and availability. Amazon claims that customers store over 1 trillion objects in S3, so there’s no overstating the degree to which […]

ELBs are great for HA but not for balancing load 

Anybody with experience building scalable website has used load balancers in one form or another. The premise is simple: stick a highly available proxy in front of your tier of web servers and distribute the work. Load balancers historically have existed as either dedicated appliances (like F5, Netscaler, Brocade and more) or open source projects […]

Helping software engineers spend more time on things that matter 

In the early “noughties,” I began a stint at a consulting company under the wing of a wonderful Indian gent who drilled systems thinking into my head during my tenure at the company. He taught me valuable lessons about how to perceive our clients’ complex technology environments in a holistic way. Fast forward to 2006, […]