Introducing Google Stackdriver: Unified Monitoring and Logging for GCP and AWS 

Stackdriver’s goal has always been to reduce the complexity that comes with managing a cloud-hosted application. We’ve been hard at work building new capabilities that take us closer to that goal, and today we’re excited to announce beta availability of Google Stackdriver, a unified monitoring, logging, and diagnostics solution for the hybrid cloud. Here are […]

Important Changes to Uptime Checks 

Starting on Tuesday 2/16/16, Stackdriver’s Uptime Check probes will start sending requests from new source IP addresses. As part of our continued effort to provide excellent and reliable service, we’re improving hardware and replacing some probe locations. Customers that whitelist our probe source IP addresses for their firewall will need to add the new source […]

Alerting on a metric’s rate of change 

One of our most common feature requests has been for the ability to alert on the rate of change of a metric over time. We’re excited to finally add this functionality to our suite of alerting options. Now, instead of choosing a threshold for a certain metric (e.g. “notify me when it crosses 20”), you […]

The Most Dynamic Tool in Your Kit 

I don’t know much about about cloud computing, DevOps or SaaS, but I like to believe it isn’t as much about what you know as it is about your capacity to learn. I’m looking forward to learning and to answering all of your queries in a prompt and courteous fashion!