Announcing the New Stackdriver Alerting System 

Now set multi-condition alerts with Stackdriver AWS monitoring

When the pager goes off at 3am it’s never a good night. Even worse — a false alarm to ruin a good night’s sleep. You login to the server to find the CPU load is high due to a backup run, and the site is loading just fine otherwise. There were plenty of other servers […]

The First Annual Stackdriver Pig Roast 

Stackdriver just celebrated its first annual company pig roast! Here at Stackdriver we aim to have a monthly team outing where we get out of the office and relax together. This time around we decided to share a whole roasted suckling pig (with all the trimmings) at the Citizen Pub in Boston. The meal started […]

Cassandra Performance Benchmark: AWS, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace Cloud 

Cassandra price-to-performance comparison - Amazon Web Services (AWS) vs Google Compute Engine vs Rackspace

We created a benchmark to measure the price vs performance of public cloud providers using Apache Cassandra. By utilizing Cassandra, we are able to demonstrate how a real-world distributed application performs in each cloud provider’s environment. The workload we ran against each Cassandra cluster was primarily focused on testing CPU and network. Other workloads, such […]

Holiday shopping guide: Public cloud for SaaS companies (GigaOM) 

Features. Elasticity. Reliability. Price/Performance. Support. Community. These are what SaaS companies look for in a public cloud solution, and different public cloud providers fulfill these wishes to different degrees. Earlier this week, I wrote an article for GigaOM helping SaaS companies pick their public cloud provider from the big three of Amazon, Google and Rackspace. […]

Announcing Policy-Driven Automation 

Available to All Stackdriver Pro Customers who Sign up by December 31st, 2013 At Stackdriver, we focus on helping DevOps identify, diagnose, and address performance issues as quickly as possible. Alerting policies play an important role in this process.  Stackdriver customers rely on our system to notify them when issues occur in their environments.  Typically, […]

Stackdriver and AWS Webinar – Running Cassandra on AWS 

Earlier this week, Stackdriver’s Joey Imbasciano and AWS’s Miles Ward teamed up on a webinar titled Best Practices for Running Apache Cassandra on Amazon Web Services. Enjoy the recording, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

GCE Feels Fast, UI Needs Work 

When Google invited us to take part in the GCE limited preview–which Google promises offers superior performance and consistency–I was excited to see how they stack up relative to AWS. Based on my experience testing our Cassandra Cluster on GCE for the past few weeks, Google seems to be living up to that promise; I found that GCE not only performed faster than AWS equivalent instance sizes, but demonstrated consistent performance over a period of a few weeks — even with instances that lived in different GCE Zones.

We Can Do Better than Trial-and-Error 

Over the past three years, I have been responsible for managing a diverse set of applications running on AWS. The architecture of these applications has varied dramatically. As you can imagine, the experience of deploying and managing these applications is also completely different. This makes it really important to have a high level of visibility into the applications and to follow best practices in managing them–both of which are difficult in the cloud. I joined Stackdriver because I’m passionate about tackling this problem head on.