How Culture Has Helped Us Hire 

Team outings are a big part of Stackdriver's culture

Lots of companies from startups like Hubspot to mature companies like Google focus on culture. This culture focus seems to create a unique identity while helping align their teams. With that in mind, culture has been a major focus for our team from day 1 as well.  Our culture starts with our core values – […]

AWS Certified professionals get Stackdriver free for 6 months 

AWS Certified professionals can now get Stackdriver Elite free for six months

We’ve been building Stackdriver for 14 months now and one thing we’ve realized during this journey is that the AWS community is strong and growing rapidly.  Its incredible to see how many AWS users hang out together at online groups like LinkedIn and Stackoverflow, provide alerts to one another on Twitter, and increasingly spend time […]

A Big Thanks 

The Stackdriver team, making today possible

It’s not all the time that you get so much support from different audiences in your company, but when it happens, it really feels good. Over the past 14 months, we have learned so much from our customers, our investors, and our own team and we have finally gotten to launch. Only with their tireless […]

An AWS User’s Journey 

This discusses the AWS user’s journey, which can be divided into 5 categories – Experimental, Happy, Bliss, Unhappy & Switching.

Startup Hiring: Lessons from the First 100 Days 

Time flies when you’re having fun!  I feel like it was only yesterday when Dan and I were pressing the refresh button on our browser to confirm that our Series A funding went through.  We’re now 100 days in and up to 10 people, so I thought I’d share a few of the key things […]

$5M in funding from Bain Capital Ventures and hiring! 

With the funding closed, we are focusing most of our efforts on building a great team. Being the “right fit” for Stackdriver culture starts with a high degree of integrity, customer focus, and a team mentality.