Sending Aggregated Metrics Using statsd 

Stackdriver Custom Metrics are a great tool to monitor your full application stack. We previously covered easy ways to send them directly to Stackdriver. There are some cases where custom metrics can be limited: they’re currently limited to accept one value per minute, and they simply echo back the values that are sent. Sometimes this […]

Introducing Stackdriver Cloud Monitoring Feed 

For large cloud deployments, it can be a challenge for your devops team to stay on top of all the changes taking place throughout the day.  While policy-based alerting is helpful for surfacing critical incidents that need immediate attention, it is limited to showing only critical events.  With this in mind, we’ve added an additional […]

I joined Stackdriver to innovate in the cloud 

I have been looking for an opportunity to join a start up where I can have an impact, with a great team, working in Boston, in a space where there is an opportunity to innovate. When a former colleague suggested I come by and talk with Stackdriver, it seemed to be a great fit–early stage start-up with a great team in Downtown Boston focused on the cloud! And when I saw the sense of progress and excitement in the office I was sold that this was the right thing. So I find myself back on the startup roller coaster. Wooooooooooooooo!