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Stackdriver’s founders on why we started

Stackdriver was founded on the belief that cloud hosting isn’t the future, it’s the present, and that monitoring needs to follow suit. Our founders, a pair of VMware alumni, experienced firsthand how difficult it is to monitor Amazon Web Services and other cloud environments.

In addition to the founders, Stackdriver is full of engineers who had to cobble together bits and pieces of existing monitoring products to create a Frankenstein’s monster capable of monitoring their cloud environments (but terrified of fire). The challenge of building a product that does full-stack cloud-native monitoring was too much to pass up, considering how many of them had banged their heads on walls trying to replicate the experience.

We believe strongly that DevOps is here to stay, and that traditional IT monitoring solutions don’t work in the cloud. AWS made Software-as-a-Service easy and accessible; Stackdriver was founded to make Monitoring-as-a-Service just as accessible.

Stackdriver’s core values

Honesty – With our customers, with our investors, with our partners and with ourselves

Innovation – The status is not quo, so innovate and create the next big thing

Humility – Remember that great ideas come from anyone, anywhere

Openness – Transparency into our business and our ideas

The Stackdriver Team

Izzy Azeri
Dan Belcher
Jeremy Katz
Amanda Lewis

Phil Jacob
Chris Pomeroy
Eric Kilby
John Palmieri

Daniel Ruby
Mike Fox
Joey Imbasciano
Aditya Chabra

Mike Bartucca
Matthew Tschiegg
Dave Batelu
Patrick Eaton

Nicole Donovan
Jason Lawrence
Brian Corwin
Kelly Rice

Abhay Mujumdar
Frank Palmieri

Board of Directors

Benjamin Nye is the Managing Director and Co-Managing Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, as well as the CEO of VMTurbo. Ben leads the technology and infrastructure software investing efforts for Bain Capital Ventures, and has been recognized for years as one of the top VC investors in the US. He led Stackdriver’s Series A round of funding and joined the board in July, 2012.

Some of Nye’s portfolio and board roles include LinkedIn, Rapid 7, ZeroTurnaround, Scalebase and Solarwinds.

Video: Meet Stackdriver board member Ben Nye


Chip Hazard is a General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners whose investment interests and experience broadly cover companies and technologies in the information technology sector. Chip joined the Stackdriver board in September, 2013, having led Stackdriver’s Series B round of funding.

Hazard’s portfolio and board roles include MongoDB, Nasuni, Firebase, Stormpath and Tracelytics.

Video: Meet Stackdriver board member Chip Hazard


Ben Holzman is the Managing Director co-leading the software practice at Bain Capital Ventures. Ben joined the Stackdriver board in July, 2012, when he led Stackdriver’s Series A along with Benjamin Nye.

Holzman’s portfolio and board roles include Rapid 7, VMTurbo, ZeroTurnaround and SevOne.

Video: Meet Stackdriver board member Ben Holzman


Meraki founder Hans Robertson is the newest member of the board of Stackdriver, the intelligent monitoring company

Hans Robertson is the VP of Product Management, Cloud Networking Group at Cisco Systems. Previously, he co-founded Meraki, Inc., which was acquired by Cisco in 2013 for an estimated $1.2 billion. Hans joined the Stackdriver board in December, 2013.



Bain Capital: Bain Capital is one of the world’s leading private investment firms with approximately $70 billion in assets under management. Founded in 1984, Bain Capital pioneered a consulting-based approach to private equity investing, partnering with management teams to build great businesses and improve their operations. Since inception, the firm has extended this approach across asset classes to build one of the strongest organically grown alternative asset platforms in the world.

Flybridge Capital Partners: Flybridge is an early-stage venture capital firm with $560 million under management. Their goal is to find talented entrepreneurs and then partner with them to build exceptional and valuable companies. They focus on providing guidance and perspective in a complimentary way to the entrepreneurs they invest in and help them build connections to soar to the next level.

Stackdriver In The News

TechCrunch coverage of Stackdriver funding and AWS monitoring launch

Stackdriver itself is currently mostly focused on performance measurements for Amazon’s cloud service. While it started out as a more general monitoring-as-a-service solution, the team quickly realized that the main pain point for developers was performance. Often, the founders told me, big teams now spend a large amount of their resources on performance monitoring and Stackdriver says it makes this significantly easier than other solutions. Read more

Dow Jones's Private Equity and Venture Capital comments on Stackdriver's funding for app monitoring

As it moves its application-monitoring service from beta testing to commercial launch, Stackdriver Inc. has raised a $10 million Series B round, much of which will be used for hiring engineers and salespeople, the company said.
New investor Flybridge Capital Partners led the funding, joined by return investor Bain Capital Ventures , co-founder and company president Izzy Azeri said. Valuation was not disclosed. Read more

No Titles, No Problem: Stackdriver Scores $10m for Cloud Monitoring

You know how every Web company seems to run its business on Amazon Web Services or Rackspace? That means every Web company also needs to monitor its IT environment—its application performance, website speed, and so forth—in the public cloud. Or risk being slower than its competitors or, worse, having downtime. Boston-based Stackdriver is figuring out how to do this kind of cloud monitoring—now with more resources. Read more

Stackdriver nets $10m to keep a wise eye on your Amazon infrastructure

Stackdriver really wants to help customers spot and fix issues in their cloud infrastructure before they degenerate into problems and now it’s netted $10 million in Series B funding to help it do so. The Boston-based startup is also launching its Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring service broadly on Wednesday Read more

Stackdriver a finalist for GigaOM Launchpad

Stackdriver thinks you need to know more — a lot more — about what’s going on in your IT infrastructure so you can avoid performance degradation and other snafus. To that end it’s positioning itself as a sort of New Relic of cloud infrastructure, according to founders Dan Belcher and Izzy Azeri. The two are VMware vets and are bringing their enterprise IT credibility to an array of customers — some startups, some established older companies — all of which are developing cloud-first applications. Read more

Stackdriver Raises $10 Million Series B, Introduces Intelligent Monitoring

Boston-based Stackdriver announced Wednesday the close of a $10 million round of Series B funding, led by Flybridge Capital’s Chip Hazard, as well as existing investor Bain Capital Ventures. In addition to the funding, Stackdriver also announced the general availability of their new Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring, a monitoring­-as-­a-­service solution that uses advanced analytics to proactively identify performance issues and bottlenecks within distributed applications. The program is designed to work natively with Amazon Web Services. Read more

Stackdriver a finalist for GigaOM Launchpad

Ten cool and promising startups will take the stage in London to talk about the problems they’re attacking and why their solution merits our attention. So, without further ado, here are the Structure: Europe Launchpad finalists (in alphabetical order): Read more

Stackdriver fluffs up cloud management tool

Stackdriver… has uncloaked from stealth mode and fired off its Intelligent Monitoring tool to babysit applications running on the Rackspace Cloud and Amazon Web Services heavenly infrastructure. Read more

AWS & Rackspace Cloud Monitor Betas from Stackdriver

Bain Capital-backed Stackdriver, a public cloud monitoring start-up, pushed its widgetry out into public beta Tuesday. The SaaS stuff currently works on Amazon Web Services and the Rackspace Cloud. Read more

Stackdriver opens its cloud monitoring service for business

If you run your applications in AWS or Rackspace clouds, you probably want to monitor their performance and get real-time alerts should things go awry. Stackdriver says it has a service for you. Read more

Stackdriver off to rapid start with SaaS for better cloud app performance

For companies running applications in the cloud, there are no good options currently for monitoring the applications’ performance and availability, he said — either you spend resources build your own tools, or use outdated tools that “have no idea what Amazon Web Services and Rackspace is.” Read more

Stackdriver assembling team of tech veterans to take on application management in the cloud

For a small startup with $5 million in the bank, Stackdriver sure has been putting together a team with an impressive pedigree. The 13-person Boston company has brought together veterans of VMWare, HubSpot, Red Hat, EMC, and Sonian. Read more

Startup Stackdriver snags StyleFeeder founder

Philip Jacob, who started online shopping site StyleFeeder, grew it to a million registered users, and sold it to Time Inc., is joining Boston startup Stackdriver to help it develop technology to manage applications across cloud infrastructures. Read more