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Stackdriver’s founders on why we started

Stackdriver was founded on the belief that cloud hosting isn’t the future, it’s the present, and that monitoring needs to follow suit. Our founders, a pair of VMware alumni, experienced firsthand how difficult it is to monitor Amazon Web Services and other cloud environments.

In addition to the founders, Stackdriver is full of engineers who had to cobble together bits and pieces of existing monitoring products to create a Frankenstein’s monster capable of monitoring their cloud environments (but terrified of fire). The challenge of building a product that does full-stack cloud-native monitoring was too much to pass up, considering how many of them had banged their heads on walls trying to replicate the experience.

We believe strongly that DevOps is here to stay, and that traditional IT monitoring solutions don’t work in the cloud. AWS made Software-as-a-Service easy and accessible; Stackdriver was founded to make Monitoring-as-a-Service just as accessible.

Stackdriver’s core values

Honesty – With our customers, with our investors, with our partners and with ourselves

Innovation – The status is not quo, so innovate and create the next big thing

Humility – Remember that great ideas come from anyone, anywhere

Openness – Transparency into our business and our ideas

The Stackdriver Team

Izzy Azeri
Dan Belcher
Jeremy Katz
Amanda Lewis

Phil Jacob
Chris Pomeroy
Eric Kilby
John Palmieri

Daniel Ruby
Mike Fox
Joey Imbasciano
Aditya Chabra

Mike Bartucca
Matthew Tschiegg
Dave Batelu
Patrick Eaton

Nicole Donovan
Jason Lawrence
Brian Corwin
Kelly Rice

Abhay Mujumdar
Frank Palmieri